3 Ways to Use Social Media Marketing Creatively

Three Creative Ways to Use Social Media

As a person running a business, you are probably already familiar with the numerous benefits of social media. You may run social media campaigns on a number of different platforms, and see good success, too. But with just about every company on the face of earth on social media these days, it can be hard to get your company to stand out among the plethora of social media accounts on the web. If you truly want to use social media to benefit your business, you need to get creative in the way you operate your accounts. If you want to break away from the social media pack, check out these ideas on creative ways to use social media to drive business to your free website from http://www.freewebsite.com.

Post Stories

A brand is a story, so why not use social media to tell your brand’s story? Rather than just tweeting out daily deals or new products, step away from the corporate side and incorporate a human element to your social media accounts. This can be done in a number of ways. You can choose to write success stories about some of your workers, detailing their rise through the company ranks and offering their perspective on working for the company. Or you can post stories about your company’s history and its foundations. You could also write stories about your customers, and the different ways they use your products. Whatever it is, giving your company a human element is key in today’s social world.

Respond to Negative Comments With Creative Social Media Marketing

In today’s social world, a company can’t simply brush negative criticism under the rug. Almost anything that’s posted to social media can be viewed by the entire public, meaning most companies can’t hide from criticism anymore. Many companies still choose to ignore negative comments on social media. Instead, opt to turn negative into positive. Respond to negative comments and fix them (that is, if the problem truly is a problem) and promote that you solved the problem. This is called reputation management. Make it subtle, though; if you’re too overt in the way you’re promoting your problem solving then people will call your bluff. If your customers know that they can easily reach out to you if there’s ever a problem, that’s a huge plus.

Hold Creative Social Media Marketing Contests

Holding contests on social media is becoming an increasingly popular way to grow a brand and gain more followers. People tend to flock towards contests, and you’ll see an increase in followers if you hold them often. Most companies hold contests on Twitter and Facebook that are trivia based, which is a great start. But if you really want to get creative with a social media contest, you should take it to the next level. Hold a Twitter scavenger hunt; post three random things and have your users search around to find those things, and have them snap a picture of the items to win. Award the prize to whoever submits the prize first. Or, have your users get creative and hold contests that require subjective judging. No matter what kind of contest you hold, it will help you grow your social media presence.


Use a Creative Social Media Marketing Company

By allowing a team who is strong in creative social media marketing, you’re best to outsource to them and let them do the work for you, you can learn more about this at Social Helpers, they will give you affordable and leveraged help to compliment your business online socially.

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