How To Get Started With Effective Business Email Marketing In 2013 – Part 1

Effective Business Email Marketing in 2013 – How To Do It RIGHT!

This is the year of business email marketing resolutions. Like any new years resolution, we need to include and weigh up all of our goals for life, love and business. And what should be part of our business goals is “BETTER business email marketing results”.

Many of our readers and clients that I deal with struggle with getting their business email marketing. They start of really enthusiastically and slowly over time retire back to the good old ways of “non-effectiveness” because it’s not as simple as they’d like it to be, or it takes too much time.

No matter where you start with growing your email marketing lists and the goals you initially wanted to achieve, whether gaining a high click through rate, have a very good open rate from your prospects and clients, or just staying in touch with existing subscribers more often. This year is a new year and we’ll show you the SIMPLE STEPS to get started and stay started so you see results with your business email marketing.

We have a 3-part series that we’ve created here and this is the first of them, we’re going to cover how to ensure that you stay on top of your email marketing goals first and stay in touch with your prospects and existing clients as often as you’d like, without the hassle.

Are You Just Getting Started With Your Business Email Marketing Plan?

Think of this scenario: You have your new and improved website for 2013 all done and ready to launch. On it you have a wonderful subscription form on the homepage, highly visible at the top of the page and are very excited to see new people coming to your site. And you’re even more happy about the amount of people subscribing to the highly targeted information you’re giving them through this free opt-in form (so are they). You make the plan to email these subscribers regularly to keep them coming back and staying engaged with you. However as days turn into weeks and you “STILL-HAVEN’T-EMAILED” any of them yet, you find that they lose interest and you LOSE BUSINESS!

What is the answer to this?

The solution is what’s known as an autorespoder, or a follow up business email marketing system.

And the most effective way to use these inexpensive email marketing platforms is to set them up with regular automated emails, which you can sit down once and create them all and then let the program work it’s magic, tracking and testing every email you send out and giving you vital feedback on the results so you can tweak and improve the process (and hence get more results which equals more profit).

You’ll start by creating a handful of say 7 to 21 emails (7 at the least) which you pre-write and load into the email marketing templates that your autoresponder system offers you, many of these systems offer very nice templates with Aweber being at the absolute top of the tree. Start by sending out an instant welcome message instantly, when a new subscriber enters their details into your form, then you could set the second message to go out on day 2, the third message a couple of days later and so on… Spreading out the intervals between emails to weekly or bi-weekly over time (and you can make as many of these messages as you wish).

Tests have proven that the more of these messages you have the better and if you haven’t read our last blog post on “Having The Perfect Email Marketing Plan” go and do this now for more information there.

Below are some business email marketing examples of real companies that have great success with using a perfect email marketing plan:

  • Hockey Strong’s follow up campaign outperforms their newsletters
  • The University of Sussex started a successful follow up series for new students
  • Hawaiian Isles shares 27 helpful emails over a month

How Does Effective Email Business Marketing Help Business Blogs?

If you’re a regular business blogger and write posts for your blog on a regular basis, then you know how difficult it can be to finish writing your new business blog article and then have to write a summary of that article to send out to your subscribers.

This is where using Aweber’s “email your blog posts automatically” feature is incredibly powerful. Most of the top business email marketing platforms out there allow you to set the amount of blog posts you write, before sending them out in a succinct, newsletter style email automatically to your subscribers. For example, in Aweber, if you choose to send out an email when you write 5 blog posts, then on your fifth blog post, and email with go out to your chosen list with the last 5 blog posts in it, and this is a GREAT time saver.

You could use this feature for multiple lists and segregate readers who are prospects and haven’t bought anything on one blog, and then after they buy, have blogs that have special “Client Information” on them and set both to send out automatically. Yes, Aweber also has an excellent prospect list to client list which can be fully automated, I haven’t seen this level of automation on other email marketing platforms in it’s class, except higher priced ones like 1Shoppingcart which is exceptionally good, and it’s not just an email marketing platform it has a truck load of great e-commerce options in it’s plans also.

And if you ever get stuck for content, a GREAT way to bring your business and blog the authority it needs is to have guest authors write for your blog and even interviewing them and posting the audio / video if they’re local. There is a correct way to do the invites for these guest authors and other bloggers to write and link to your site, so see this post by Derek Halpern at Social Triggers on “How to Persuade People to Help Or Link To You” and be sure to subscribe to his blog, he has an exceptional understanding of online influence when blogging.

What If You Can’t Find The Time To Do Business Email Marketing Ongoingly?

This is WHY we implement the email marketing platforms such as Aweber, iContact, 1shoppingcart etc…

You need to have some discipline to make a chunk of time, whether it be 3 hours, a day, or a week to do nothing but creating your autoresponder list for the “ENTIRE YEAR” and if you do this early in the new year (January is great) then you’re set to go and not have to worry about those darn email messages ever again.

Really, it won’t take you all that long if you just start, and track your time with a tool if you need to see how productive you are, use a tool like Rescue Time or use Google Calendar, these will help you stop wasting time as readily and really get into the swing of effective business email marketing in 2013.

In Part-2 of Effective Business Email Marketing we’re going to talk about growing your list and stopping signups from becoming stagnant so you get more signups and more business more often.