Save Money By Doing Your Own SEO

Seriously, if you are paying someone to do your SEO for your website(s) then you’re LOSING out big time!

Why do I say that?…

Because I’ve scoured the internet for the past 20 years, purchased, used, followed and come to my own conclusions around SEO. And I know that with a few simple tools (which are only a minor fraction of the monthly cost of a SEO expert) can get you amazing results.  Sure, hiring a good, honest SEO company will always produce better results, but you can do pretty well on your own with some time and effort.

This weeks post is short and to the point, because I’m going to give you the benefit of my years and years of research and testing search engine optimizaiton strategies.

Here’s my main points:

1. You can’t shortcut the SEO / Targeted Traffic Building process

If you succumb to spammy and b.s. offers of “We can get you 10,000 targeted visitors / month for only $Xs” then be prepared to be VERY dissapointed!

The process I have used over and over and over again is C-T-P-M which is of course Site Build It’s strategy and it stands for Content – Traffic – Pre-Sell – Monetize.

There’s a fair bit of ground work involved but like building a house, you wouldn’t just decide to put your foundations anywhere and expect a state of the art mansion to be build on top.

You need to do some research around your topic of interest, or that you’re passionate about or know very well, or a topic that you wish to learn about (here’s a hint, don’t look at the topics that you wish to write about on a $$$s basis only) as you’ll probably lose motivation and give up like so many do.

Once you get your targeted keywords worked out and researched for a niche that you LOVE, then traffic will build over time when planned and correctly written content and the help of social media to reach more targeted prospective clients.

When you attract them “DON’T” sell to them right up!… This is old school and unless you wish to lose them straight off the bat, then rather offer them extremely interesting information that “SOLVES their actual problems” and you know their problems already, because you’ve researched them.

Once you’ve helped them solve their problem, you are then ready for the last step (or should I say, they’ll be ready for the last step) and that is “M” the monetization process. They’ll buy from you if you do all this right and funnily enough the SEO takes care of itself if you establish yourself as the EXPERT in your niche by offering great content in the form of written material, reports, videos, seminars, online webinars etc…

2. Don’t Guess Your Keywords

What I mean here is don’t think that you know what the best keywords are, and the second part of this equation is CERTAINLY DON’T write with keywords just because they’re numbers say you’ll get more traffic from them.

The side note here is, more traffic, you want less traffic but of extremely HIGH value to you from the problems you solve. And of course the best type of traffic is buying traffic and traffic that sticks around, reads your posts and then shares it socially, so you have the chance of your content / website(s) going viral.

3. My Final Point – Don’t Guess Your SEO Process

Many people guess at what they THINK they should be doing with their SEO and hence fail big time, by not getting any targeted traffic or worse yet, lots of the wrong kind of “non-buying” traffic to their websites.

I use only 2 tools for my SEO and have done for years and years, because quite contrary to what you may think about SEO always changing with all the different Google algorithms, it won’t effect you if you just be the expert in your niche and offer that to the world.

I use SEO Scheduler for my non WordPress based sites, and even with them to give them a little bit more boost. And when I write posts for my WordPress sites I use SEO Pressor which is an inexpensive plugin.

Both of these have got my numerous websites to the front page of multiple search engines (Google included) for the keywords I wanted to target.

Some took me a year of writing topics around the niche subject, then going to websites that aligned themselves with this topic but weren’t competitors and getting links from them back to my site.

Yes, it’s a tedious process and you probably won’t make any real money from overnight, probably not even for a year or so, but if you plan correctly and work out your monetization funnel, you will start to see results. And every single site you create is different, if you’re an affiliate marketer each niche site will give you different results, if you have your own business, you might decide to have your own main website that is like a brochure site and then make multiple niche sites around it to drive traffic.

Either way, SEO Pressor and SEO Scheduler will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to make your website rank well… If you don’t want to do the work yourself, pay a web person $1-2 / hour in the middle east to do it for you and follow the instructions from these tools and you’ll get effective results very, VERY inexpensively…

But you win either way!