So WHY Don’t You Have a Blog Strategy?

Why Don’t You Have a Blog Plan?

I have run blogs and websites for as long as I remember…

And it’s not hard, it’s a simple thing to learn with all the courses out there today, and the courses are like a hundred bucks… a HUNDRED BUCKS!

So why do I get so darn frustrated when good smart business people tell me, “they don’t have time or the know how to do a simple blog”?

I get frustrated because over the past 15 years every single blog I’ve created and worked on has only taken me about 1 hour to setup, then a few minutes each day to add a short post about the niche or sub-topic the blog is about.

It takes another 5 to 10 minutes to lookup Google’s Keyword tool or Market Samurai (an extremely cheap, but MASSIVELY powerful) piece of software to help get rankings on words in these blog posts.

It’s not uncommon for these sites to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines within 3 to 6 months and even for words like “Create a Niche Website” or “Niche Marketing” I was on the first page of Google within a year and that’s MASSIVELY competitive.

If Creating a Blog For First Page Results Is This Simple – WHY Don’t You Have One?

I’ll tell you why…

Because deep down you think “it’s a LOT of work” and it’s “not going to work” and one things darn for sure, if you don’t work at it, it aint gonna work… PERIOD!

You’re stupid if you think that you can bung up a blog on WordPress and add one post every month (which by the way, is still WAY more than others who don’t even do that).

The thing is, it does work if you work at it and I’ve given you in painstaking detail the outline for creating your blog in “Step 2” of my Niche Marketing Process on the homepage of this blog, go look at this and follow it and you’ll do well.

Don’t sit back and wait for your blog marketing strategy to automatigically take you to first place…

Work at it, do one to two posts per week, spend an hour a couple of days a week making a short 3 to 5 paragraph article with keywords you search for in Google Keyword tool, just type this in and you’ll find it, it tells you exactly what to do in the “HELP” section… “READ IT” and get the benefits, this is Mother Google telling you exactly what keywords are easy to rank for.

So go for the lower search terms / month and begin to stack all these lower search terms up in your posts and you’ll begin to see traffic that is highly targeted to the subject of your blog.

Once you get traffic that’s a start.

Your Follow Up “To-Do’s”

1. Go and setup a WordPress blog (if you can’t do this, go to and hire someone to do it for $10s)… DONE!

2. Get familiar with adding a post for WordPress every couple of days (if you can’t do this, hire someone in to write 2 articles per week and post them for you, for $10)

3. Get familar with Google Keyword Tool or Market Samurai (if you can’t get familiar with it or don’t want to) you guessed it, hire someone from Odesk for $10 to do this for you each time.

Long and short of it is this, there’s absolutely “NO EXCUSE” why you can’t have a blog up and running within a few days for about $50 if that.