The Single Most Easy Email Marketing Tool For Small Businesses!

There are only 24 hours in a day, and if you enjoy spending some of that time sleeping, it could get discouraging and nerve-racking for small company owners to find the time to have every little job that needs doing completed.

However numerous small company owners out there are succeeding with email marketing. They’re able to do it all by striving (naturally), but likewise by using the devices they have in smart ways.

Take Stan and John. Two entrepreneurs who merged their blog with their email advertising and marketing to expand their viewers and keep clients interested.
Blog Site Broadcasts: The Time-Saving Device You’ll Thoroughly Enjoy Using

Using a blog RSS to Newsletter broadcast will take material from your blog and automatically produce that content in an email e-newsletter.
How it does this is by examining your blog site’s RSS feed. The blog broadcast tool will select a new post and create an email message for it each time you write a brand-new post. You can establish your message to send out at a certain time or after a particular number of blog posts.

You can easily select a professionally designed template for your article to also. The RSS variables will instantly take your article, and you can also establish your very own text in the layout that will remain there till you modify it.

Stan’s Story: Creating a Following

Stan Horst owns Log Cabin Creekwood in Virginia. He provides posts on his website about regional tourist attractions to promote people to reserve among his cabins.

When asked what his email marketing targets were, Stan said: “To create a listing of devoted readers to whom we can easily keep linked to, so that when they think about a holiday, they think about us.” Because many people enjoy the excellent outdoor weather in warmer months, Stan additionally wishes to boost company sales during the slower off-season times of the year.

So, Stan started to work on setting up a blog site and broadcast program.

Now, what he added to his website to make it so successful…

… which is sent to people subscribing to his email newsletter:

And the results are turning out terrific. “It has enabled me to have routine (and automatic) follow-ups with customers and guests, without the effort needed to compose a newsletter from the ground up,” states Stan. “The most effective part is it is a one-time configuration.”.

John’s Tale: Growing Revenues

John Brand owns Buckaroo Leather, a leather upholstery tack shop. He has big ideas and sales strategies to enhance his revenues and internet existence in 2013 … and the blog program is the tool to help him reach his goals.

The Buckaroo Natural leather blog site lets visitors see what’s brand-new and exactly what’s on special. The blog site is a superb place to share this information; blog sites are typically the gateways to more in-depth information based sites.

This is how the Buckaroo Leather site appears online:


And below is what newsletter subscribers receive:

Why does John enjoy this feature so much? “It enables us to correspond with a sizable number of people with extremely little input in a constant and speedy manner, sending updates, specials and our interesting e-newsletter.”.

He also loved how simple this professional tool was to make use of. “We like the capability to quickly decide on a design template and then just fill in the blanks, with no creativity called for. Just discover a highly-creative and professionally made layout you like and you are done,” says John. “On top of this I also like the capacity to publish new blog posts directly and automatically to my various social networks media outlets.”.

Wrapping-Up: Exactly How Can Blog Broadcasts Help You?

Based on Stan and John’s positive experiences above, this is what we’ve discovered concerning blog broadcasting advantages for company owners:.

1. It’s an effortless tool to make use of.
2. It keeps customers and prospects engaged.
3. It conserves your valuable time.
4. It helps grow your following.
5. Use of professional templates make it drop-dead simple and look fantastic.

We hope you’ve gotten something out of this post and that you go ahead now and get started with automating your blog posts to newsletters for better productivity and increased sales.

Feel free also to post your comments on what’s processes are working for you currently, and also any questions you might have on this process of business development and we’ll address them in up coming blog posts.