Why Consultants & Coaches Need An Email Marketing Plan

he Perfect Email Marketing Plan For Coaches & Consultants

The amount of consultants and coaches in all areas of business through to life, sports and fitness coaching who haven’t implemented a simple, yet effective email marketing plan really surprises me.

Why does it surprise me?

The sheer competitiveness of business in general, no matter what area, industry or niche market you choose to go in to, needs to have an edge.

And that edge is creating a list of prospects, a list of purchasers and then resupplying new information to them on a regular basis so they refer to others and buy more often.

Let me ask you this… How many of you are sitting there now wanting to get MORE new clients?

What if I was to tell you that your new clients are in your existing clients?

Would that shock you?… Probably not, but still, how many of you are actively interacting and tracking how your existing clients purchase, re-purchase and refer to you?

So How Does An Email Marketing Plan Fit Into This Equation and WHY Is Having One So Darn Important?

Well, with the few tips below, you’re going to see how you can set yourself up, stay in touch with and track the overall progress of all your clients and prospects from a simple to implement and use email marketing plan. Now this plan is only one part to a hopefully larger internet marketing plan that you’re looking at systemizing, but this in my opinion is the MOST important one to have as businesses are built on your relationship indirectly and directly with your lists.

If you don’t have a list, then you’re just relying on plain old fashioned luck, and maybe that works wonders for you, but “What If” you now GOT SERIOUS about your business and begun to really look at this “List Building” thing everyone is talking about?

The 3 Simple Steps to An Effective Email Marketing Plan

1. The very first thing you need to do is invest a small amount of money each month into a reliable email marketing tool… I have used, recommended, installed and helped hundreds of businesses implemnet the use of an email marketing platform called Aweber. It’s simple, affordable and plain and simple it’s effective and once you’re setup (about 30 minutes) you write your email series and allow it to do the work.

So first up, go and subscribe to the $1 Trial at Aweber right here.

2. Now you need to setup the basic details of your new tool… Just login and follow the steps it takes you through, you really cannot go wrong if you just follow the steps as their presented, remember that you ONLY need to do this once and once it’s setup you’re all clear, so make sure you do this right.

Here’s a little tip, ensure that you have set it up right by first sending an email test to yourself when before you send any emails to live clients.

3. Workout WHAT you want to say to your prospects and also to your clients and keep them on separate lists… You have two missions, the first being what you’re going to say in a series of 21 emails to your clients.

TWENTY ONE emails!!!… I hear you declare?…

Yes, it’s a fair bit of work, but science and testing has proven the the standard 5 to 7 emails to follow up is “Just-Not-Enough” and you need at least (LEAST… 21 email messages), to begin testing your conversion rates. At some point in this process of your new email marketing plan, you will see a general email which converts existing clients into repeat buyers (for your existing clients list, and new prospects into first time buyers, for your prospects list).

So all up you HAVE TO DO SOME WORK, if you don’ t have time, hire someone within your company to do it, or get a good writer who KNOWS what they’re doing when it comes to writing great email follow-ups that convert into a favorable action… i.e. a referral, a phone call, a new sale or a repeat sale.

This should become your mantra from now on, if my internet and email marketing plan aren’t getting me a referral, a phone call, a new sale or a repeat sale then I’m NOT doing it right.

And it all begins with being SPECIFIC to what it is you do, so specific that you often have to dig deep into the top problems (quite often more that the common 7 issues) that your exact target client has, because quite often their plagued with many problems in the area you specialize in as a consultant or coach and you need to address each one separately.

This takes time, but I GUARANTEE you, if you do this right, use the tools in your Aweber email marketing platform, so you can see how many receive your emails, how many open them, and how many (MOST IMPORTANTLY) click on your links to do an action, you will over time improve your conversion rates.

One client of mine took 3 years to get a conversion rate from 0.4% to 6.3% with their email marketing, but this was a significant increase in sales each month, in the end do you think they cared about all the hard work and late nights they spent working this thing out?

NO WAY… All they focused on was the end result, which was an increase in profits of at least 5 times what they were initially making, they were over the moon and are now tracking EVERYTHING, both online and off.

ACTION STEP: Get your email marketing platform now, set it up and make a start on entering your 21 emails for your prospective clients, and also your existing clients (start with your existing clients list). Once you’ve done this, put the form on a page with the title of your email series and actually call your clients up and talk to them about this new series of emails you’ve setup to help them. Make sure on this phone call you tell them the webpage with this form on it, and you have them go there with you on the phone to subscribe and confirm their email so you make sure they get it.

A lot of success with online marketing, is by doing a lot of offline actions as well, there’s simply no EASY WAY to make this work without good ol’ fashioned hard work to get it started.