Why Your Cold Calling Script Is KILLING Your Sales Efforts!

The cold calling scripts you’re using are destroying your sales efforts!

Are you a pray and cold call scripts junkie?

What I mean by this is, you’re a human being trying to connect with other human beings to see if there’s a fit or not for your products or services.

When you use sample cold calling scripts to try and increase your sales, you are actually going into “artificial mode” and therefore leaving yourself open to being shut out before you even get a chance to explain what you have and how it may help them.

Even if you have something REALLY great that you know will help your target client, if you follow scripts you’ll dull your chances of success.

Why do you think this happens?

If your answer was along the lines of “because prospective clients are likening you to unwelcome disturbances in their day” then this would be correct.

A lot of sample cold calling scripts (and I would venture to say ALL sample cold call scripts) aren’t suitable for you to approach your prospects with.

You first need to know you’re own style of sales marketing and then “CREATE” it yourself with some research, study and creativity, so that your approach is highly different to your competitors, so much so that they feel connected to you over time and a percentage of them convert to clients through purchasing your products, and or services over time… But first they MUST buy you and your knowledge.

What type of cold calling scripts will work for you?

I bring this up after saying above that none of these scripts will work for you to clarify that you do need some outline of what you’ll say, but it’s nothing like you might imagine.

All you need to be saying to prospects when you cold calls is, to ask their help, reassure them there is nothing for sale and to just connect with them and see if they’re OPEN to different options… That’s it!

You don’t need a script for this, because you just need to talk about the problem you solve and not about your product or service. You might say, I’m just giving you a call to see if you’re open to different angles around <PROBLEM” you solve, and then shut up and let them tell you.

And it’s perfectly ok if they’re not, there’s NOTHING you can do to turn around someone who’s not.

The hint here is, if you get them saying “tell me more” or “What do you mean?” then you’re on the right track, because you’re then transitioning to conversation mode.

The minute you’re conversation stops or they shut you down, you’ve somehow triggered their BS alarm or “Salesperson” trigger and it’s game over.

So stop using sample cold calling scripts you find online and begin being your AUTHENTIC, TRUSTWORTHY self and watch your sales funnel SOAR!

What I always recommend for best results with this is, to use an offline to online process as follows:

1. Make your call, connect with them, don’t sell unless they want to buy, but rather find their problem, dig deeper on that problem to uncover their pain.

2. Offer something to them for free to get their name and email address only (don’t worry about anything more at this point, the least amount of information you ask for the better at this point, you just want to get them on your list so you can stay in touch. Be sure you add their details to your list “manually” and don’t just take their word that they’ll do this, as they very RARELY do, so make this process SUPER SIMPLE for them and do it yourself).

3. You need to have some kind of autoresponder email program setup, with a minimum of 7 automatic emails in a series ready to go out to them, giving them valuable information. This information you offer will describe their problem and aid them in solving it (with or without your service, ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING in these emails, this is of critical importance to your success with this type of campaign).

4. The general rule here is you send out about 7 to 10 emails of pure value (in which time you also offer a free report, that is HIGHLY valuable to them on it’s own). Then around the end of the series, send an email that offers them to taste or trial of what it is you offer. Only you know what you can offer them if you’re the owner of a business, so think carefully and offer something of MASSIVE value. If you work for a company you need to consult with the owner as to what they wish to offer and if they don’t want to offer anything, then you need to workout a way to make this work with more information from yourself).

5. When the prospects say “YES” to your next level offer, then you need to take them off your first cold call prospecting email list that you initially put them on, and add them to a slightly warmer list and escalate the interactivity with them. The focus all along is to build TRUST ongoingly, if you sell at any point you’ll LOSE trust. The goal is to allow them to come to you and ask questions and develop a taste of what you do for them, by actually solving a problem for them… Then allowing them to buy and build on the relationship from there..

You can do all this informational trust building with the simple email autoresponder that you see in step 3 above. However once you get to a higher and deeper level of marketing to them, you need to escalate your information process to a more robust online marketing platform and there are two I have used personally.

To begin with I would recommend 1shoppingcart as this is a perfect system for a relatively low monthly price tag and it will do most of what you need for orders, email marketing and downloadable information products you can sell and give away.

When you get to a very high level, or if you have the $$$’s NOW to invest in doing your ongoing marketing the best you can do, after your cold calling activities with follow-up, then you need to consider a more advanced, comprehensive professional online marketing platform like infusiosoft which will be all you ever need to do this right ongoingly. If you’re a salesrep, this platform has it’s own CRM which 1shoppingcart doesn’t, it also has a great coaching program when you signup to get you on the success track for your unique situation.

So there you have it, a complete reason WHY cold calling scripts are killing your chances, how to get around them and what to do to gain LONG TERM TRUST from you clients to gain eventual buying customers for life… This works, I’ve proven it and worked with so many different industries who have used this process successfully I know that you just need to follow this path to begin your journey towards sales success.

Please feel free to post your questions and comments below and I’ll reply to them ASAP.